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About Us

Virtue Marketing LLC is a full service marketing and SEO company.  Specializing in branding, web design, article/content writing and all things SEO, VM adopts a holistic, ethical approach to organic search engine marketing.  Our dedicated team of web professionals knows what it takes to grow a successful company and a successful “brand,”  using techniques that combine ‘old school’ with ‘new school’ to  ensure you get exactly what you need.  From design to content, Virtue Marketing techniques work to ensure your company ranks at the top of the natural search results for engines like Google and Bing.

A quote from the company, “Above all, we believe in producing high-quality products that will establish you as a brand, earn you consistent, regular traffic, while also helping search engines to properly index your site.  Our motto, “Respect.  Refinement.  Results.” is not simply a phrase, but it is the way we approach every facet of our business.”

If you want to learn HOW to grow your business organically, and strategically, visit our Home Page for tips, advice and some secrets of the trade.

Meet A Few Members of Team Awesomeness:

Tylie Eaves – CEO & Founder


Tylie Eaves is a marketing and branding professional who is also an experienced writer and SEO specialist. Additionally, she is a budding developer with an addiction to learning new things.  Tylie has an eclectic background that lends itself to the cultivation of her passions. She loves people and has worked in a number of fields. After having been successful in many areas, she longed to find “it” and believes she’s finally found her calling with Virtue Marketing.  Tylie believes in learning from both experience and mistakes (both her own and those of others).  She strives to live her life according to Christian principals and is an advocate of the Golden Rule.  She is proud to be a part of the “awesomeness” that is VM.

Tylie is the proud wife of  a TSgt. in the United States Air Force and they have three young sons.  She is active in ministry and has written several Bible studies. She is currently working on a Christian Fiction series for publication. She has also developed a passion for helping others become more organized and better managers of their time. She enjoys art, music, shopping, sports, “kid stuff,” and working out (well, most days anyway).

 Don Brown


Don Brown practiced law for many years and has an extensive background in legal writing and marketing. A professional writer for many years, Don brings his unique combination of legal experience, networking and creative insight to offer a fresh perspective on business growth by an SEO pro. He is the Lead Editor at Virtue Marketing.

Pamela Foley


Pamela Foley is an experienced writer and licensed attorney. Licensed to practice law in Washington, she has experience in many practice areas. Pamela holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications Studies and a Juris Doctorate from Lewis and Clark College of Law.

A mother of two, Pamela spends much of her time attending her daughter’s dance classes and soccer games, and she enjoys spending time outside in the beautiful Colorado sunshine.

April Faxon


April Faxon has an Associates Degree in Office Administration. She used her degree in the medical field for 8 years. Four years ago, she decided to stay home and be a full-time mommy. She loves decorating cakes and working with her church in her free time. She is excited to learn a new field of work while still being able to be at home and take care of her family. April lives in Kingsport, Tennessee with her husband, Shawn, and two sons, Isaiah and Ayden.  She is Executive Assistant to the Management team and a Client Liason with VM.

Le Bach Pham


After graduating from the University of California, San Diego with a bachelor of art in English Literature, Le Bach became a web writer and served as  an editor for The Mesa Press. He is a resident of San Diego and an experienced SEO and marketing writer. He is a writer for Virtue Marketing and enjoys expanding his field of expertise.

Amber Jones


Amber Jones holds a liberal arts degree and is currently working on a second Bachelor’s degree. She has over 15 years of freelance writing experience over a wide range of fields, and appreciates legal writing for the opportunity to expand her bank of facts for an eventual  championship performance on Jeopardy.

Evan Chadwick


Evan Chadwick is a graduate of Keene State College and a recent completer of the four year legal clerkship program in Vermont.  He is set to take the July, 2012 bar exam.

Heather Faucher


Heather Faucher is a certified paralegal with over 13 years of experience in the legal field, most of it working for a large, multi-practice law firm located in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. She possesses a Master’s Degree in Legal Analysis and has been writing SEO website content and blog entries, mostly related to the legal industry, for the past 4 years.  Passionate about both writing and the law, she also writes a fiction series under a pseudonym for a major US publisher.

Patricia Banner


Patricia is an experienced paralegal who has worked in many areas of law.  Patricia has always loved writing and is always looking to improve her skills.  When she’s not writing for Virtue Marketing, Patricia enjoys spending time with her husband and son.

Jeremy Hillpot


Following the 2002 economic meltdown, Jeremy Hillpot spent eight years aiding stock fraud lawyers in the litigating of thousands of securities arbitration cases against the biggest banks and brokerage firms on Wall Street. While working for a prominent Orlando and New York based law firm, he also specialized in breast implant, pharmaceutical, worker’s compensation and a variety of personal injury litigation. Jeremy continues to help Wall Street fraud lawyers as a legal writing and internet marketing consultant. In his spare time, he enjoys fitness, hiking, playing guitar and improving his Spanish skills. Jeremy graduated with honors from the University of Florida with a BA in Political Science in 2002.

Karri Moser


Karri L. Moser is a freelance writer with an English degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. A former radio host and newspaper reporter, Karri is an avid news junkie and writes news stories for several print and online magazines. She has also ghostwritten several books and works on her own fiction when she has the chance and enough coffee. Karri enjoys writing investigative journalism pieces, health/wellness articles, fashion and music articles, and also about current events. Karri also blogs about her adventures as an Army wife traveling all over the country.

John Keller


John Keller received a B.A. degree from the University of Pennsylvania.  He obtained his J. D. degree from the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Law in 1971.  He was a sole practitioner for many years, handling cases in the state and federal courts.  His general practice experience includes the areas of bankruptcy, personal injury, real estate, employment litigation, and appeals. Since retirement, he’s been writing for law firms, litigants, and on the internet.

Amanda Gardner


Amanda Gardner spent many years in corporate America as a sales manager, project manager, and account manager.  After meeting her husband, she moved from Hiltons, Virginia to the Costa del Sol where they plan to live until he retires.  She is a marketing writer for Virtue Marketing and enjoys writing as a way to keep up with the American business world.  Amanda is also an avid reader, painter, and Mid-Century Modern enthusiast.

Meagan Kerlin
Pilot Product Supervisor


Meagan is a mother and a wife; she loves college football, cooking, running, and dark chocolate. Meagan was a Spanish major with a concentration in English and lived in Spain for a few months. Once upon a time, she was a classroom teacher from Alabama but now she resides in Georgia where she is passionate about helping people find health and feel better.

Laura Furcron


Laura Furcron is a former high school English teacher who spent two years creating educational content for a software company after leaving the classroom. She attended Virginia Tech where she earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology, while double majoring in English, and a Masters in Secondary English Education.

Since leaving the world of education and business, Laura has enjoyed completing contract work for Virtue Marketing and caring for her young children.

Meagan Cline


Meagan Cline is a professional freelance writer with a broad range of experience. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Liberty University, and will soon hold a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Law and justice are her passions.
Meagan is married to Jeremy, a fellow Virtue writer, and they have a daughter together. Meagan also has two stepsons. Meagan enjoys writing immensely and is an aspiring author and blogger. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, fishing, family activities and shoe shopping.

Alex Krueger


Alex Krueger is a professional writer and editor hailing from Toronto, Canada. He holds a specialist honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto in rhetoric and composition, and his work as a writer and editor has spanned a number of professional fields over the last fifteen years. When he isn’t penning articles for Virtue, he can be found translating tech-speak to layman’s terms for a Toronto-based software company, on stages across North America playing in his comedy-folk band, or at home enjoying life with his wife and son.

Jeannelle Douglas


Author/Writer originally from Bronx, NY with a passion for writing that started out as a teenager. She would write a series of poems and enter them into contests. She is the Author and Writer of the E-book “Chronicles of a Cheater.” She started her Writing career with Examiner.com. Her first category was focused on frugal living, then she moved on to other categories to focus on celebrities and small business. Her goals are to continue to grow as a writer and eventually develop a made for T.V. script. She holds an Associates of Arts degree in Health Services Administration. She is currently a student for a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.

Holly Robinson


Holly Robinson graduated cum laude from Dalton State College in 2012 with a Bachelor
of Arts degree in English. When not writing for VM, She enjoys reading and
spending time with family and friends. Holly also volunteers at the Humane
Society of Northwest Georgia where she has been helping out for five

YaShekia King


YaShekia King is a professional writer, editor, and educator. She began writing professionally in 2003 and is passionate about the written word. Her work has appeared in several print and online publications including U.S. Green Technology, South Bend Tribune, Ehow.com, Wisegeek.com, and “Clouds Across the Stars,” an international book. King holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from Ball State University. She also has expertise in other fields: She is a licensed real estate broker and a clinical certified dental assistant. In addition, King has her Master of Science degree in human resource management through DeVry University and is also an English professor/ESL instructor.

Shelby Moll


I graduated salutatorian from my high school. I am majoring in Elementary Education and minoring in Spanish at Charleston Southern University, where I am part of the honors program. I have traveled across the United States and to many other countries, because of my dad’s work in the Air Force. I love spending time with my family, reading, sports, and helping kids.

Ronnie Livesay


Ronnie Livesay graduated from East Tennessee State University with a degree in Finance. He then spent the “first half” of his career as a sales representative and account manager in the HVAC industry. He is currently a legal writer for Virtue Marketing. In his spare time, Ronnie enjoys all things athletic including basketball, tennis, and running. Though he never pursued a financial career, Ronnie follows the stock market avidly and often provides financial advise and expertise to others in need.

Mike Banner


Mike Banner has spent the majority of his career in law enforcement and criminal justice, in one aspect or another for nearly 30 years. From policing the streets and managing inmates to writing diplomatic security protocols, Mike had enjoyed his field of choice. Now, Mike has the wonderful opportunity to be able to spend more time and enjoy a better quality of life with his fellow writing wife, Patty Banner, and his son by working as a legal writer for Virtue-Marketing LLC.

Maggi Finlayson


I grew up in California, and then went to a small private college in Oregon for my undergraduate degree. I was lucky enough to study abroad in Wales my junior year, and still managed to finish in four years. I double majored in Literature and Creative Writing, with a minor in Spanish. I went back to school in 2004 to get my MBA from the University of Connecticut. My concentrations are in Marketing and International Business.

I moved to the east coast and spent 12 lovely years working for FLYING Magazine before my position was eliminated due to downsizing. I started as the Advertising & Sales Support Coordinator and moved up through the ranks to Marketing Director. After I left, I worked for two small publishing companies as their Marketing Managers. I’m currently doing some event planning work and searching for my next full-time position.

I currently live in Connecticut with my boyfriend. We have his girls with us on the weekends. I also work part-time at a local library, helping patrons with research projects, which I find to be greatly rewarding. I also teach online courses for Southern New Hampshire University, which allows me to keep my MBA skills sharp.

Personally, I enjoy museums, fine arts, reading, writing, Sudoku, movies and traveling.

Jennifer Miller


Jennifer graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2004 from East Carolina University. She was a social worker, working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, before becoming a stay at home mommy. Jennifer is married to Travis, and they are both avid Dallas Stars hockey fans. In 2012 they adopted their fur son Zubie (the Shih Tzu who thinks he’s a Rottweiler), and in January of 2013 they welcomed their beautiful daughter Gabrielle into the family.

Heather Santo

About-Us-Bio-Images-HeatherHeather Santo graduated with honors from La Roche College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She is also a member of Delta Mu Delta National Honor Society of Business Administration. In her past, she worked as in-store human resources manager specializing in recruiting. Her love of writing has led her to doing blogging, freelancing and writing for Virtue Marketing. She is currently a virtual assistant to health and wellness professionals assisting people to lead healthier lives. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband, gaming, scrapbooking and baking.

Ginger Parker

About-Us-Bio-Images-GingerGinger is a Georgia native. She has recently served time in the teaching profession, certified in Theater Education. She has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Theater (despite a ‘wiener dog’ named Shakespeare attempting to delete her thesis paper). She is also an experienced voice over actor and has written several children’s plays. Though always taking her work seriously, she tries not to take herself too seriously–appreciating life’s oddities and ironic sense of humor. She enjoys creative writing, traveling, reading bizarre news stories, petting her cantankerous cat and humorous wit (not necessarily in that order). Somehow fittingly, (“I will survive!”) she was named after ‘Hurricane Ginger’–the longest running Atlantic hurricane to date.

Caitlin Lane

About-Us-Bio-Images-CaitlinCaitlin is a writer, editor, mother, and Air Force wife. With an insatiable thirst for coffee, she spends her days at home with her two children.

Brianna Furcron

About-Us-Bio-Images-BriannaBrianna Furcron is originally from the west coast although she has recently relocated to the DC area with her husband who is an F-16 pilot in the DC National Guard. She has a BA from Northern Arizona University in Humanities and a Masters in Library Science from the University of Arizona. After working in the corporate world doing high dollar account management and marketing, she transitioned to her longterm goal of working in the library. Brianna has over 5+ years of experience of professional writing and marketing experience. She also tutors students and enjoys volunteering for local literacy programs and environmental conservation projects. In her down time she enjoys spending time with family and friends and helping others achieve their goals.

Audrey Sutton

About-Us-Bio-Images-AudreyAudrey Sutton has a professional background in the building industry, primarily in design and remodeling. She has been responsible for extensive professional business correspondence as wells as blog creation for past clients. She is passionate about writing, serving Christ, and keeping her hands busy with any kind of artistic medium she can find. She was raised on a Texas lake and plans to remain in the Lone Star state with her husband to raise their young daughter.

Jennifer Sargent

About-Us-Bio-Images-AudreyJennifer Sargent is first and foremost a wife and mother of two very active kids. Her family relocated from Utah to Illinois for her husband’s career. While they miss the mountains, they are learning to love the Midwest region. She graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelors of Science degree in Behavioral Science and Sociology. While she has spent most of her time working in a medical field, specializing in Sleep Medicine, she loves writing and is excited to learn a new field of work as a writer for Virtue Marketing.

Allison Hansen

About-Us-Bio-Images-AllisonAllison Hansen is married to an Army Soldier and a stay-at-home mommy to Kailyn. She is currently in the process of obtaining a Business Management degree and after school she plans on opening her own wedding consultation and event planning business. Her family is based in Germany, which makes working from home a super plus! She enjoys shopping, spend time with family and friends, traveling and being outdoors. She is super crafty when it comes to do-it-yourself stuff. Working from home provides income for her family as well as the time allowance that enables her to partake in her hobbies.

Lyndsey Payne

About-Us-Bio-Images-LyndsayLyndsey is originally from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. She graduated from high school with honors and began to study Accounting and Criminal Justice at the University of Southern Mississippi. She married her husband, James, a soldier in the US Army, and has now moved several times. She now enjoys being stay-at-home mom with her growing family and looks forward to returning to school. When she is not writing for Virtue Marketing, she enjoys the outdoors, crafting, and is very skilled at using coupons.

Karyn Johnson

About-Us-Bio-Images-KarynKaryn Johnson has a bachelor’s in English from The Ohio State University and a certificate in technical writing and communication from Bellevue College. In 2014, she will be completing an online certificate program in paralegal studies from James Madison University. Karyn has been a professional writer and editor for 9 years, and she also works as a wine tasting consultant. She lives in the Washington D.C. area with her husband, who is in the Air Force, and their two dogs, Reece and Blitz.

Alli Andress

About-Us-Bio-Images-Alli-AndressFor over 5 years, Alli Andress has been a professional writer and social media expert. Alli holds two undergraduate degrees from the University of Colorado Denver, one in Music Industry Studies and the other in English. She’s written content and managed social media channels for every kind of organization, from international B2B corporations to locally-based nonprofits. As a Denver native, Alli has an almost-obsessive love for her hometown. When she’s not attached to her computer & smartphone, she enjoys spending time with her husband and loved ones, reading, volunteering with Cat Care Society and watching movies.

Amy Kreissl

About-Us-Bio-Images-Amy-KriesslAmy is a new legal blog writer for Virtue Marketing. Besides writing, her other passions include acting, singing, movies, fitness, cleaning, her husband and her cat. (Good thing for the comma between “cleaning” and “her husband”.) She lives in Georgia and was born in Canada.

Anderson Cupid

About-Us-Bio-Images-Anderson-CupidAndersen Cupid is a New Jersey born graduate of Rutgers University where he majored in Communication and minored in Consumer Psychology and Visual Arts. Andersen is a highly revered musician and creative force with many years as a freelance visual and performing artist. After graduating from Rutgers, Andersen relocated to Georgia where he began working as a Paralegal for major Real Estate Law and HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Acquisition Firms in the Greater Atlanta area. Although Andersen had many successes during his tenure as a Paralegal (one of which was obtaining Certification from Boston University), his passion for Art and creativity still remained. He decided to switch gears and pursue his passion full time.

He was accepted into The Savannah College of Art and Design and is currently working on his Masters Degree in Digital Design. As a way to gain further knowledge of the industry, Andersen also managed 3 Graphic Design internships while building a formidable portfolio and list of personal clientele. He values professionalism, creativity, and integrity in everything he does and those same values are what landed him a position here at Virtue Marketing. He believed working for Virtue Marketing was a way for him to be connected to the world while being free to enjoy it simultaneously. After all, he is still an artist in need of inspiration and enlightenment. Andersen appreciates how Virtue Marketing and their CEO provide opportunities for him to create memorable experiences through visual design while still encouraging him to enjoy the freedoms of self organization.

Angela Mose

About-Us-Bio-Images-Angela-MoseAngela is first and foremost a stay-at-home wife and homeschool mom of seven. She has worked in a variety of settings including but not limited to a bird-dog training kennel, a Clydesdale farm and as an Office Clerk and Appeals specialist for the State of Maryland in the Taxation and Assessment Department. She has been married to the same wonderful man for over 25 years and she is currently in her 18th home schooling year helping her four youngest children work toward graduation. She loves reading all types of literature and is a closet lover of poetry. In addition to raising her children, she is mom to two dogs and a parrot. She is enjoying the opportunity to write for Virtue-Marketing and being able to fulfill a dream of writing while still being a hands-on mom and teacher.

CJ Miller

About-Us-Bio-Images-CJ-MillerI love what I’m doing and I’m ready for more! I was an Air Force brat, became active duty, and am now still affiliated with the military through my husband’s service. I have been stationed in some exotic places such as Okinawa, Japan and some not-so-exotic places such as Omaha, Nebraska. Through it all, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people and gained a lot of life experience.

I have 4 children, including one in college. They keep me young! When we’re not busy homeschooling, we’re having fun making soaps, knitting, crocheting, painting, jumping on the trampoline, playing Rock Band…anything that allows us to enjoy life as a family. My solo pursuits include my passion in educating others and myself on proper nutrition and fitness.

Cornelius Cakley

About-Us-Bio-Images-Cornelius-CakleyCornelius Cakley is a Graphic Designer. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Benedict College, Columbia, SC and Master of Fine Arts degree in Media Design from Full Sail University, Winter Park, Fla. Cakley has extensive experience in Graphic Design, Print and Digital Media. For more then 21 years, he has graphically designed and conceptualized projects and materials for a myriad of clients. He first began his career as an illustrator then moved into graphic design. He has a wealth of experience in both the private and public sectors, working for non-profit organizations, PR firms, grassroots organizations, and political campaigns, to city, county and state government agencies. As a form of public service he has provided his services pro-bono to numerous organizations. Cakley is married to L. Michelle Cakley; they have four children, and currently live in Irmo, SC.

Mari Serfontein

About-Us-Bio-Images-Mari-SerfonteinMari Serfontein is a retired Granny from South Africa. After 40 years of being a marketing and operations manager in the corporate world, she now spends her time doing what she loves most — writing. Mari is a workaholic and dedicates most of her time to writing legal blogs for Virtue-Marketing. She has two sons, Derek and Marcel, one adorable daughter in law and one delightful grandchild.

Melissa Gaines-Mosely

About-Us-Bio-Images-Melissa-Gaines-MoselyMelissa is a former optician who holds certifications with both the American Board of Opticians and National Contact Lens Examiners. After being in the medical field for almost fifteen years, she desired a change of pace. Since she has a passion for serving others, becoming the assistant to the CEO seemed like an answered prayer. Melissa is married with two children and one grandchild. In her spare time, she enjoys crafts, scrapbooking, spending time with her family, and spoiling her grandson.

Michelle Kilgore

About-Us-Bio-Images-Michelle-KilgoreMichelle is a wife and mother from Jonesborough, TN. She holds an
Associates Degree from Walters State Community College. After several years in sales, Michelle left her position as a retail store manager for a wireless communications company to be a stay at home Mom. She is currently a legal blog writer for Virtue Marketing. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and home decorating.

Sheree McDonald

About-Us-Bio-Images-Sheree-McDonaldSheree McDonald is a passionate wordsmith and avid coffee drinker on Mondays. She currently resides in a small mountain town in Idaho with her husband, soon-to-be-five-year-old, two dogs, and the sweetest cat known to mankind. Sheree has a diverse writing background that includes screen plays, financial reporting and everything in between! Sheree loves combining creativity and research to produce top-quality content no matter what the topic may be. Sheree graduated from Southern New Hampshire University in 2012 with a degree in English and an emphasis in Creative Writing. Currently, she is winding down her first year as a Professional Writing graduate student at Northern Arizona University. When Sheree isn’t writing for work or pleasure you can usually find her on an adventure with her family hiking through the mountains or defending her title as UNO Champion.

Stacy Smith

About-Us-Bio-Images-Stacy-SmithA native Texan, Stacy Smith is current pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in English. She has nearly a decade of experience in writing SEO website content, blog entries and eBooks. Stacy is passionate about writing and is currently a legal marketing writer for Virtue Marketing. As a mother of three, when Stacy isn’t writing, she is enjoying every minute of life that God has given her with her husband and children. When she can, she enjoys baking, being outdoors and helping others.

Tierra Strickland

About-Us-Bio-Images-Tierra-stricklandTierra Strickland is a military wife and the mother of three beautiful girls. She has an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts from San Juan College, and spends most of her time at home with her family. Aside from writing for Virtue Marketing, she enjoys writing poems and fictional short stories.

Terri Cothen

About-Us-Bio-Images-Terri-CothenIn addition to writing for Virtue-Marketing, Terri works as a middle school English teacher. She holds an undergraduate degree in Marketing from the University of West Florida, a Masters in Management from Troy State University, and a Masters in the Art of Teaching from William Carey University. Terri lives on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with her husband Anthony and their daughter Angela.

Dee Costello

About-Us-Bio-Images-Dee-CostelloDee is a writer, mother, wife and psychology student. When she isn’t writing, Dee likes rainy days spent curled up with a good book and a cup of coffee (usually sweetened to the point it is more milk and sugar than coffee). If she isn’t reading or writing she’s playing video games or trying to convince herself why going to the bookstore is a bad idea.